No more dry and itchy skin!

"Listen if you have not experienced this product you are truly missing out on a treat. The fact that I can get out of my shower put my oil on and dry off and not have to worry about dry itchy skin I'm living my best life!"


Aahhhhmazing product!

"I had the most exhilarating experience using this shower oil/bath oil..Lovvvvvve the freshness it leaves on my skin and moisture...and the smell! It's soft not overpowering. I was satisficed to to see that there is a product that works great on people with SENSITIVE skin!"

Dani J.

I love this oil so much

"I use it as soon as I get out the shower. The oil keeps me hydrated and moisturized all day long. It's light and soft and smells amazing."


Super Light

"LOVE IT! I have this lavender shower oil and it smells AMAZING. It's super light and it does not make me feel oily! I am still hydrated from the night before."


It's a must have!!

"I love this product it is super hydrating yet not oily! It is a must have for a hot girl SUMMER! Year round!"


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Conscious approach to beauty

Your new "GLOW TO" Body Oil

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